Tuesday, December 12, 2006


December 12, 2006

The absolutely fabulous Old Stile Press (that's stile, not style, as in the old stile which is in their garden in Wales) run by my friends Nicolas and Frances McDowall, now has a blog/journal which you must visit and put on your blogroll immediately. Not only because today they have posted photos of Dream and Variations (purchased from me some time ago) but because their journal is full of interesting pictures and notes about this two-person private press, the artists and writers they publish, and their current projects. Nicolas does all the designing and printing on his collection of hand-presses and other equipment and Frances, as well as often making the paper, looks after administration and business and cooking and exhibiting at book fairs, etc. etc. They are a formidable team who have for many years produced consistently high quality books which are prized and collected world wide. I am proud to be on the list of artists they have published (see Revelation) and love visiting them in Llandogo where they live a charmed life, in surroundings of uncommon peace, beauty and joy in the work of one's hands.

Page from "Dream & Variations" by NdA
Page from Dream & Variations by NdA. Collection of Frances & Nicolas Mc Dowall. Click to see the rest.

Meanwhile back in the technological world, the part of the BBC Imagine programme in which I appear has been made into a YouTube clip by the ab fab frizzy logic and you can see it on her blog right now, as well as her accurate review of the show.

Stuart, of Feeling Listless has put together a thoroughly researched list of links to everything and everyone who took part in that BBC programme (www.herecomeseverybody.co.uk) and Kim of Mildly Diverting has some diverting things to say about how she helped out in this production.

As I keep on saying and being contradicted: the way I looked on the Beeb causes such shock-horror in me that it's become an allergy. Fortunately the little Something-Stupid home movie restores a bit of self-esteem and I can accept that this is me, whereas the ghoul on Imagine is, I kid you not, not me. Thank you for not watching Natalie on Imagine. Nuff said on this topic. 

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