Monday, June 12, 2017


I posted this link to my Facebook page a few days ago in reply to someone's comment about Jeremy Corbyn's alleged anti-semitism. I want to post it again here for the sake of accuracy of information.

If anyone sees Corbyn as a messiah I'm definitely not among them. But every individual, whether public or private, deserves to be judged on the actual facts of their life and their actions rather than on smears, mis-representations and downright lies.

One doesn't have to agree with a person's political, social, religious or aesthetic stance but disagreement doesn't justify spreading or taking for granted certain assumed "facts" about them without bothering to investigate whether they are facts at all.


Davoh said...

Heh. Recently had a chat with a neighbour ( who listens to me). "Why did the police turn up at your house again?", she asks. "Gossip around here is ... ", she tells me. ??? think and say I. not true at all; or rather; here are the facts.

Davoh said...

All i can say, Natalie, there IS one neighbor who turns up on my doorstep IN REAL LIFE, disabled, on mobility scooter - to talk with me directly.

Davoh said...

Natalie, perhaps it is my 72 year old male prejudice that wonders why females tend to be the best "imaginators"; and 'writers' of 'murder mysteries' and fantasy books ????

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Well, in real life, I don't think there are many people of any gender who take the trouble to double check (and triple check) certain things presented to them as 'facts', especially by the media, all media. And most gossip columns in newspapers etc. are written by men.