Friday, April 27, 2012


It's the Blaug's birthday today. We are among the veterans, those who started and kept going in a cyber world that was still a novelty nine or ten years ago. People used to ask: what's a blog? Now everybody knows and nearly everybody blogs, even politicians. Along with FaceBook, Twitter and umpteen other forms of internet-based socialising, blogging has become as ubiquitous as a mobile phone.

I'm certainly not one of the most regular or consistent bloggers but I'm hanging in there and I hope that what I do post has some interest and value to others. On the other hand, even if no one was coming to see what's up on Blaugustine, it would still be valuable for me to keep blogging. It gives me a window to look out of and look into, a way to escape from ivory-towerism. And it's provided me with some wonderfully creative new friends and connected me to the world in ways that would never have happened in the pre-blog era. 

So happy birthday to Blaugustine and thank you very much to all who have visited her and all who have stayed and all who drop in and all who comment. We are truly, deeply appreciative of your support. 

Here, to celebrate, is a photo of a puppet I made some time ago to practice stop-motion animation and two ferocious creatures found at the Natural History Museum which she seems to be taming.



Tony said...

Happy Birthday, Blaugustine - a visit is always rewarding.

Rain Trueax said...

Congratulations on sticking with it and I agree-- they are important even when we have few readers. They can be found with searches and things we wrote long ago meet someone else's needs. I don't know how long the blog world will continue but I hope it's a long time as it at least is truly free speech.