Wednesday, June 03, 2009


You're looking at a blank sheet of paper with no thought in mind, no desire to draw anything you see or anything you remember, and then you pick up a pen and start drawing. Lines and shapes emerge as your hand moves across the paper and pretty soon there is an image: something that didn't exist before, something that you didn't plan or intend and perhaps don't even understand. What's that all about? Is it like dreaming? Is it lucid dreaming? Lucid doodling?

Whatever you call it, isn't it wonderful and amazing that there really is another way of thinking which is not thinking at all but a kind of blanking? A sort of meditation which squeezes pictures out of you like toothpaste from a tube?

I've been drawing like that recently with felt pens on A3 sheets of paper. Here are two of them. The only digital alterations I've done are to add a black background to the bird of paradise drawing; the original is on white.

Bird 0f paradise, black background.



linda severn said...

Natalie, I love your last 2 blogs. As always they are deeply original and inspiring. I love the way you combine such a rudimentary technique as felt pen with a digital medium. I often feel I need to drop in a background from the computer, but I'm not sure how to do it. I have Adobe Illustrator, a very old version, where would I look to find out what to do? Best wishes, Linda.

Natalie said...

Linda, thanks for your comments, always appreciated. I'll email you later today to reply to your technical question.