Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SNOWFALL, North London, 2 February 2009

Nothing happens in this movie except for snow gently falling and a couple of birds in the trees.

That something so soft, so fragile, so gentle, so playful can transform the world in an hour or less is surely an example to reflect upon. Suddenly the noise and chaos are hushed. People walk down the street laughing. Even the ugliest object wears a sparkling mantle of loveliness, nothing is left out.

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marja-leena said...

I love snowfalls which are usually rare here. This winter we had a lot, was lovely at first but it's sticking around unusually long. Our middle daughter and her family were home for Christmas and got quite tired of trying to get around in it. They just got back to London a few days ago and are shocked to face snow there too!

(Tried commenting on your other blog but it would not work.)

Natalie said...

Marja-Leena, there was something wrong with comments on my main blog but it's fixed now.
Snow is fairly unusual here too but all the more beautiful (if disruptive!) when it does happen.

Dominic Rivron said...

Ah! The sight of all those substantial terraced houses... I often get nostalgic for North London: I lived there for quite a few years (my oldest daughter was born in the Royal Free).
The pigeon looked pretty fed up.

Natalie said...

Dominic, whereabouts in N.London did you live? I like this area very much and live in a flat in one of those terrace houses.

Dominic Rivron said...

I lived, briefly, in a flat in Willesden. Next, I moved to a flat in a house in St John's Way, near Archway. Then I moved to Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead. (Occasionally I'd go flying kites on Parliament Hill). I left Hampstead in 1985, I think.

Natalie said...

I'm only a short walk from Parliament Hill and also from Archway! But in '85, I lived off Camden Park Road. All familiar territory!