Thursday, February 19, 2009


Face improved. Working on mirror illusion and space behind mirror illusion. Illusion is very hard work.

P.S. None of these photos give an accurate version of the actual colours of the painting. I don't know why it is impossible to upload anything which shows the true colours of any original. Maybe it's my camera, maybe it's Photoshop, maybe it's Dreamweaver, maybe it's the web, maybe it's the weather.



Dominic Rivron said...

Amazing to see how this has come on since the earlier versions you posted. It's been really interesting to see how your work developed. The inclusion of The Lesson really gives it something. Did you always intend to do it? Or did the idea just "pop up"?

Natalie said...

Hello Dominic - did you see the latest (final) version which is on Blaugustine? Yes, it has indeed improved, I think, compared to earlier versions.

Including that tiny bit of The Lesson was simply because I was painting what I could actually see behind the mirror frame, which was bookshelves, on one of which sits The Lesson. So it wasn't a plan, but a happy coincidence, providing me with a 'message'!