Monday, June 18, 2018


Saturday at the London Wetland Centre on the banks of the Thames, Rachel Rawlings and Dave Bonta orchestrated an inspirational and original event to celebrate with friends and family their recent wedding in Pennsylvania.

It was a greyish and coldish day but warmth and conviviality were generated by the many guests in this magnificent natural setting. Specially composed poems were read, spontaneous, sincere speeches were spoken, specially deejayed music was played, comforting food and drink were consumed, old and new friendships were refreshed. I was happy to be there.

Rachel, the bride
Dave, the groom


Beth said...

So happy about this...just wish IdI been there! Great pictures, Natalie!

N. D'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Beth, I too wish you'd been there. The event wouldn't have happened, Dave and Rachel getting together, had it not been for our whole blogging history.