Thursday, July 06, 2017


Today at a local garden centre, surrounded with beautifully chattering plant life, a tiny moon-coloured cactus type of thing humbly asked for my attention. It was named, the label said, Echevaria which sounds Paraguayan and reminds me of Mexico and I love the pale moon colour and it was only £3.99 and weighs almost nothing so I took it home. I can only offer it a kitchen windowsill but I think it will be happy.

I'm taking up my online autobiography again, after a very long hiatus, and hope to have a least another chapter up very soon. If anyone wants to browse previous installments of The Burial of Mickey Mouse, they're here.


Davoh said...

Ah, the cactus. Do have one in my backyard - have not been here long, but has put up one flower - once.

Why do modern humans expect everything - instantaneously?

Hattie said...

This modest plant could reward you with a beautiful flower.