Saturday, July 01, 2017


Writing backwards is not as easy at it looks.

Neither is the fact that you only ever see yourself backwards.


Tom said...

True; very true. A lovely mugshot though!

N. D'Arbeloff said...

Thanks Tom. Hope all's going well with the move. Much love to you and Lucy xx

Davoh said...

Interesting when one sees oneself, these days, on video- 'unedited' ... meh. Did i forget to put in the plastic teeth? Do i really come across as a dingbat 'doofus'???

Davoh said...

um, 'mirror' images are not 'backwards' .. just a thought (or me being 'pernickety' about this polyglot language 'english'.
The image in a mirror is 'transposed' .. i.e. left to right, and/or right to left, depending on the definitions ----

But never "backwards". Can a person "see" themselves in a mirror? Doubt it. We tend to see, and believe, what we want to see.

(and yer, crumply character faces interest me; as distinct from the multiple 'Barby doll' American ideal factories .... heh).

N. D'Arbeloff said...

Davoh, yes, I'm aware of what a mirror image is and that 'backwards' is not the correct word to describe it. My use of it was assuming that people (i.e. anyone who passes by here) would know what I meant.

Glad my crumply character comes across. Yours does too in the video you've shared on your blog.