Saturday, March 07, 2015


A small package arrived a couple of days ago with Destinataire in big bold beautiful handwriting above my name and address . I tore open the un-English soft brown wrapping paper to reveal something I have never in my life received before: an object beautifully made by hand especially for me.

A scarf knitted by lovely Lucy in France, in a palette of colours she knew I would love because she's attentive and noticed the colours that often crop up on Blaugustine, and a quirky shape she knew I would love too, a kind of triangle with long tails that you could wear in lots of different ways. It has a perfect name as well - Baktus /Karius after Norwegian children's book characters, though Lucy is not sure why.

What I am sure of is that there is nothing in the world like a friend who knits a scarf for you and sends it to you out of the blue, just like that. Merci Lucie, merci encore!

Here it is in normal scarf mode.

And here it is in hat and moustache mode, for when I want to tame wild horses in Mongolia.


Catalyst/Taylor said...

Lucy is a love.

Tom said...

I say! You do look awfully chic.

Lucy said...

The Mongolian horse tamer is genius, I knew you'd make good use of it!

Natalie said...

Bruce, you can say that again.

Tom, chic, c'est moi, grace à Lucy.

Lucy, that scarf will give me undreamed of identities and many more lives than I'm entitled to.

Ellena said...

So kind of Lucy and so thoughtful of her to artfully shape the gift
in a way that allowed your creative skill to awaken and run wild.

Natalie said...

Ellena, indeed it's a gift that pleases the body and stirs the imagination.

Hattie said...

That is such a nice thing for someone to do. I have a little washcloth that my house guest made for me. I could never use it, of course; it's too pretty.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hattie, a handmade washcloth? Sounds interesting and unusual.