Monday, February 28, 2011


 The latest issue of the >Language>Place Blog Carnival Edition 4 is hosted by Jean Morris at tasting rhubarb and sizzles with scintillating contributions. It includes part of the Luxor travel journal I wrote during my one and only journey to Egypt, way back in 2005. 

I'm glad I went there before the upheaval that is rocking the country at present but I hope this upheaval when it settles down will bring the positive changes that the courageous, creative, humorous Egyptian people want and deserve, now that they have succeeded in dismissing their nemesis Mubarak. You can always tell dictators by the size and ubiquitousness of their portraits: I remember seeing huge posters and banners of the Mubarak mug all over Luxor - is it something to do with hypnosis, I wonder? Something like psychic surveillance cameras? Keep the people subjugated by making sure they see your eyes, larger than life, at all times. Come to think of it, those ancient Egyptian monarchs must have known a thing or two about mass hypnosis - look at the size and power of their sculpted portraits! 

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Rain said...

Egypt has such a proud history and contribution to mythology of the gods. I hope what is happening there can let them get back to their own power. It is worrisome though for that whole region as theocracy probably is good only when the religion they worship is one that encourages development and growth.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Rain,yes. I think one has to trust that the Egyptian people themselves know what they want and need, as long as they have the freedom to choose this.

Dominic Rivron said...

It's a good job I got up early this morning - otherwise I'd be late for work after reading your Egyptian pages! Interesting seeing the photos of the country alongside the photos of the antiquities - it puts them in context, gives a sense of the place they exist in.

You must have seen this...

Natalie said...

Dominic, I'll be glad to help you be late for work anytime :)
Thanks for your attention to my Luxor journal.
Will go and look up your link now - hadn't seen this.