Wednesday, July 07, 2010


To anyone who visits here regularly, sorry for the long gaps lately. I've been otherwise engaged but will return and take up all unfinished business (including La Vie en Rosé) very soon. Am away from tomorrow until early next week but meanwhile, here's an update on the painting. The palette and brushes in the corner on the right of this photo are the real ones - just in case you're wondering. 


Dominic Rivron said...

Thinks... Of course! There was bound to be one less brush in the painted brush-jar: the one you painted the brushes with! Is the squiggly pattern top right Arabic?

I like the way the faintly Wyndam Lewis-like overtones in the faces places them in their era.

Natalie said...

Funny, I replied to your comment Dominic but my reply has vanished. Maybe it hasn't yet got through the comments barrier?

Natalie said...

Oh well, I guess my earlier reply got lost in space somewhere. Dominic, no, the squiggly pattern isn't Arabic. It's a sort of abstract self-portrait which hangs on the wall in my studio.