Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My cyber-friend Wally (alias crackskullbob, alias Wally Torta etc.) who is a kind of genius - I say kind of because that leaves me room to escape from the authorities in case they declare he's not a full-blown genius - has just posted his drawing of me from a recent photo which I put on Julia Kay's Portrait Party,. He accompanies this terrific sketch with one of his free-associating verbal flights of imagination which are a constant feature of his blog-writing and drawing, like the inspired riffs of jazz musicians. I love this ability to leave behind the prosaic gravity of everyday thinking by playfully following any clue that presents itself - a name, a word, a passer-by, a shadow, a sound - and simply taking off with it, wherever it may lead. I say that this weightlesss space-travelling talent is one of the essential components of genius in any field, and the authorities be damned if they disagree. 

I've done a couple of new portraits for JKPP which you can see
here and also on my portraits page. 



Jean said...

I love this. Wally is indeed a kind of genius.

( I now can't comment at all on the horrid Echo thing on your main blog - and that of several other friends who used to have Haloscan, so don't take my moaning personally - It refuses to recognise my Blogger account )

Natalie said...

Jean, sorry about that. I don't understand this Echo thing that was foisted on us. Maybe you should complain to Blogger, or to Echo? Glad to see you anyway.