Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Maybe it's because of the better weather but this time of year brings out my governmental instincts ie: cleaning up, clearing out, re-organising, making new lists, tearing up old lists, feeling guilty about having failed to do all the things on all the lists sooner, and so on. The local charity shop has received yet another huge bundle from me and my website, the online version of home, is also the focus of my beady-eyed resolve to IMPROVE THINGS BY GETTING RID OF STUFF AND ADDING MORE STUFF IN DIFFERENT PLACES. Elimination followed by accumulation. Turn turn turn. 

My ART pages in particular badly need a make-over. For the moment, I've added a portrait section. You can see some recent faces over there and maybe you'd like to bookmark the URL? I'll be updating it frequently. Thanking you. 

Back to my duties now. 



Dominic Rivron said...

I read this when you first posted it and have been thinking:

1 Either: (a)I think often we confuse our thinking by asking questions and assuming that because they are semantically valid questions they are meaningful questions with useful answers. In this case, there probably is no question, or (b): Can you think of a good anagram of “vole”?

2 We have only one word for “love”. Some cultures have several (several different words in the bible are translated as “love” for example). So, what love is depends on what we are using the word to describe.

3 This one is a bit Zen – a koan, I think.

4 One. One can love oneself.“Love thy neighbour as thyself” as they say. Positive self esteem is a good thing and arguably is something one needs if one is to be useful to others.

5 No. I think on the whole we instinctively care more about others than we do about ourselves, when it comes to the crunch. I was in hospital a couple of years ago and thought I was about to die (I was fine, as it happened!). For myself, I thought, “Oh well, that's it.” The main source of stress was worrying how others close to me would cope. I suspect this is a common experience.

6 Not exactly an answer, but I'm reminded of Whitman (make of it what you will): Sometimes with one I love, I fill myself with rage, for fear I effuse unreturned love; / But now I think there is no unreturned love—the pay is certain, one way or another.

7 I don't know. It's certainly misleading to consider them such.

8 Because often our capacity to be devoted to each other surpasses our capacity to be good to each other?

9 It depends what sort of joy we're talking about: the ecstatic kind, or the deep, sea-like, immovable kind.

10 see 2

Natalie said...

Dominic, many thanks for these enlightening answers, especially No.1.
You've caught me there: my question was probably not a meaningful one. And I love the anagram of vole!