Saturday, April 03, 2010


Yesterday seemed a good day to remember and honour loved ones who are no longer here. I am forever grateful to them for being in my life, for long or short times, and I want to say to their absent souls that I am sincerely sorry for not thanking them more often and I am sorry too for not giving them more of myself and not asking them more questions about themselves while they were still around.

Thank you Sacha and Blanche, my parents; Gerardo, my brother-in-law; Alex, my cousin; Vlad, my uncle; Jacques, my uncle (apologies for the badly remembered profile sketch); Nenette, my aunt; Alice, my aunt; Juliette, my grandmother; Constant, my grandfather; Baboushka and Diedouchka; Reg, Pat, Roy, Ted, Peg, Alexis, Michel and Suzanne, Mircea, Bernard, Mary, Decherd, and to all those whose names I may have neglected or forgotten to include but who are nevertheless recorded and preserved in the tangible and intangible matter which is who I am. May they rest in peace and when they get up from their rest, fly about with all the joie de vivre they had in this life and none of its sadness.

Pictures of the dear departed are on my BLAUGUSTINE post for this date. I couldn't find a way to upload them all over here in the box-table that I made in Dreamweaver. There's a limit to what you can do design-wise in Blogger.


Rain said...

I have also been feeling a lot of connection to those who went before in my family. My cousin gave me the family collection of photos and that was the start of it, giving me a lot of photos I had never even seen before. Then Friday, which I hadn't thought of as being Good Friday but it was, I began scanning old negatives which I had many of with no idea who the people were but it has led to a connection that has surprised me. They might not be those who I ever really knew but they were my ancestors, a part of my family that has been very connecting to see for the first time in some cases.

Natalie said...

Rain, I identify very much with what you're saying. I wish I had pictures of a whole crowd of people, my ancestors, that I know nothing about. A very happy Easter/Passover/Springtime or however you celebrate this time.