Thursday, December 10, 2009


(I've desaturated the above Guardian newspaper colour photo of Richard Wright's Turner Prizewinning gold-leaf mural, thus revealing only its black pattern.) 

You've seen Rorschach ink blots haven't you? Some of you will have tried spattering black ink on a sheet of paper by flicking a brush, folding the paper in half, carefully smoothing it down and then opening it to reveal...taraaaa! A map of your unconscious? A Turner prizewinning work?

Here is a little demonstration of how you could create your own Turner prizework in approximately fifteen minutes, or less if you leave out making Photoshopped versions. Adding drops of water and oil to your ink spattering  can add more textures. Transferring your masterpiece to a wall, cupboard, curtain or tee-shirt and applying gold leaf to it will take a bit longer but is perfectly feasible. 



Dominic Rivron said...

And Andy Warhol got there first. (Well, actually, I suppose Hermann Rorschach did). There's a whole arguement there about process, originality, use of random elements in art, etc. I'll stop there before I start writing a post instead of a comment!

Ben Gage said...

I like it, Wright's work is just a thought, but maybe that's what we need in this marketplace...