Monday, October 05, 2009


Water towers near hospital parking.

The hospital, Institut Gustave Roussy.

Internet connection in my room is unreliable but it seems I may have to move very soon, maybe this week, maybe next. My sister, who is doing extremely well, is going to be transferred to a convalescence clinic which we hope will be in central Paris but all depends on a complicated admin system over which we have no control. I have to find somewhere else to live which will be near her but I can't even start looking until the hospital tells me when and where she's going. Because I'm too tense to write anything interesting, I'll post some photos I took of my current surroundings. Back soon, hopefully with better visuals and verbals.

The self-catering room where I'm living.


Daisy-Winifred said...

Deepbreaths and lower your shoulders a little...I do hope that the system finds it possible to realize human need is good to meet argument for cost effective rehabilitation there somewhere I would think but here's wishing it is not you that has totry to getthat point over.

Smiles and love

Natalie said...

D-W, I notice these things more because I'm currently in an environment very different from my home-ground, and it grates. But for people who live like this all the time, I guess they adapt to it.
Maybe the damage is invisible.

Hattie said...

Invisible damage. Hmm. Of course my recent experience of Paris has been just play time tourist stuff.
But to me, living as I do in uncrowded circumstances, the press of people was borderline intolerable. I did not get out to the suburbs, although I must say the ride from the airport into central Paris was fairly horrendous.
Since I lived in Europe (We returned to the States in 1985.) both population and traffic have increased, I think more than people realize, and the air quality is worse, too.
And the noise!!
After I got home I just spent a day lying around enjoying the peace and quiet and solitude of my home.
Anyway, best to you and your sister, who I imagine is getting the best of care, even if it is on the bureaucratic side!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hi Hattie, ah yes the noise and the crowds! I hate that too. In London we have the same problems though the area where I live is pleasant.Certainly people and traffic have increased everywhere and pollution as well - a world-wide disease!