Friday, June 05, 2009


The felt pens encourage spontaneity and a nicely flowing line. Very enjoyable. The washable felts made for kids are no good. They dry up after about five minutes of heavy use, but the permanent markers are fine as long as you can stand the smell. Here are some more of my recent fishing expeditions in the stream of consciousness.

I've also added more bookworks so please go and click on the links you haven't seen before in the blue and red sidebars here .



Vivian said...

Dear Natalie

I love your drawings. But I need to tell you that a woman I know who used permanent markers to ink in canvasses for needlepoint began to lose her eyesight due to the toxins. It's not just the smell. Please protect yourself while you work and play..
Vivian (I found you from cassandra's site)

Natalie said...

Vivian, thanks very much! I didn't know this about the felt monsters and will take heed of your warning. Anyway, glad you came by and hope you'll return.