Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Usually I blog about what's on my mind at the present time or, if in memory-mode, stretch back into the past, clearly dividing what was then from what is now.

But such division seems pointless when coming across one's writings or images which, although dated a specific number of years ago, are unmistakeably present: memos from me to me, forgotten, hidden behind furniture, literal or mind-furniture.

So I chanced upon a sketchbook/notebook of mine dated 1980-83 which speaks to me right now. I'll post sections of it for the next few weeks: 'thoughts for the day', sometimes with quotes from other sources.

Cover, sketchbook by NdA 'The Ultimate & the Intimate'. Etching pasted on bound blank book.

Title page, sketchbook by NdA 'The Ultimate and the Intimate'


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