Sunday, September 21, 2008


Am posting this pic in the interests of medical science, just to reassure anyone about to have this operation (removal of lump from parotid gland) that it's not so bad. Here I am the day after the deed and already blogging it. Feeling more or less fine and the Van Gogh bandage is quite fetching though the swollen face is not. Am told it will go down soon. As for whatever is hidden under the bandage, I'd rather not look right now. Am told the scar will heal in about...six months. SIX MONTHS?? Well, I musn't complain. The surgeon, Professor Mark McGurk, was brilliant. I sing his praises: not a single tiny nerve of my tiny face was damaged. And he has a great sense of humour as well.



Stray said...

Congratulations on your separation Natalie!

I hope you have a steady stream of visitors to peel you grapes and make you cups of tea :)

Heal well soon,


Natalie said...

Stray,so glad to see you here.
Was that a typo? (separation=operation)
If so, it's a good one. I am now separated from my lump.
Stream of visitors? Well, no actually. But I'm up and about and no different from my pre-op self, apart from the looks of course.