Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's in the moments when we are in love, from whatever inspiration - a person, a poem, a picture, a tree, a particular kind of light or sound - actually within love, surrounded by it, that's when we are resurrected. Those fragments of self which we don't need fall away like dead skin and in that moment, the moment we step inside love, we are complete, nothing missing. Without such moments, we are a little bit dead. Perhaps more than a little bit.

Whatever the facts may be in historical terms, or in religious, symbolic, mythological terms, to me that is the Resurrection message, as it applies to ordinary daily life. It's hopeful because the ability to enter love is one which every human being has and thus links us to every other human being. It's the one thing which makes us all the same and at the same time confirms our uniqueness. Every individual's experience of love is different yet we all speak the same language when we try to express it.

I'm in love with Ethiopian art.

The image is: Jesus Christ Transfigured, an early 19th Century Ethiopian scroll, from the book Ethiopian Magic Scrolls.


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