Sunday, January 14, 2007


I've just discovered that a potential customer for my book in the US has to pay $37 when postage and tax etc. is added on and, if they want to order several copies from Lulu, that's just too hefty a price to pay. I'm shocked, I agree it's too much, and I'm doing something I was reluctant to do before: 

The God Interviews is now also available as a download from Lulu, at £2.03 ($3.67). 

 This way those who can't afford a printed/bound copy at the moment can at least still see the full content and maybe buy the real thing eventually. I might change my mind and remove this option later on but it'll stay for the rest of this month anyhow.

I have yet to hear Gd's opinion on this marketing lark - maybe we need to have a business conference.

Changing the subject to a far more serious kind of non-sense, you must hear Keith Olbermann's devastatingly incisive assessment of the war-escalation speech Bush made on January 11. It's on YouTube at this link. �

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