Sunday, June 24, 2018


Last night Fionn Wilson sat in the chair opposite me while I started on her portrait. Below are the first two stages plus a shot she snapped of me at work on it. I'm using only black and white oil on canvas - there's something strong and free about this limitation which matches both her direct personality and my perception of it. Will post further stages.

As I mentioned a while ago, Fionn invited me to participate in the exhibition 'Dear Christine' (Christine Keeler) which Fionn thought up, is curating, taking part in, and will inaugurate next year at the Vane Centre in Newcastle. I've been working on sketches of my ideas for this and it was wonderful to show them to her last night and receive the blessing of her enthusiasm. Our conversations flow like jazz.

Beginning a portrait of Fionn Wilson, 23 June 2018.. Oil on canvas

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