Sunday, May 01, 2016


The legendarily magnificent Tanya Peixoto who created, runs and animates the legendarily unique, small and perfectly formed bookartbookshop in Hoxton, London, invited me a while back to have a solo show of some of my autobiographical books, boxes etc. What's more, she felt that there should be a new edition, in colour like the original, of Augustine's True Confession, the handwritten journal published, with help from the Arts Council, in a b&w version in 1989 (out of print). 

Tanya offered to equally share the cost of printing, and so... drum roll....the brand new edition of ATC will be launched at the Private View on 12th May, a joint publication by bookartbookshop and NdA . If you can't be there in person (why not?) you can order the book ...£10...from bookartbookshop. 

Meanwhile here's the cover, along with a photo of the original journal sitting in the house I built for it. Included in the show.


Tom said...

Wishing you every success in this venture. We will assist. :)

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Tom, thank you. Will you and Lucy actually be there??? That would be absolutely fantasic!

Tom said...

No I fear not, Natalie. But we will be thinking of you and purchasing a copy of the book. Love from us both.

Lucy said...

How exciting, brava to you! We are not able to 'assister' in the French sense, sadly, Natalie! But I have contacted bookartbookshop with a view to ordering the book.