Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My blogging report card this month is shameful. I'm standing in the corner, dunce cap on my head, red-faced and staring at the floor.

Digressed again, off-piste again, 7ism resolutions postponed again. I don't have a valid excuse except that I really have been thinking a lot and trying to see where I'm at, as they say.

But I couldn't let November end without a modest ode to falling leaves and darker days and the melancholy of approaching winter. Another rough experimental animation, started yesterday afternoon and finished at about six o'clock this morning, without a break. 

I didn't choose the music beforehand but as soon as I watched the silent video I remembered Bachianas Brasileiras, by Heitor Villa-Lobos, sung by the extraordinary soprano Bidù Sayao. I've only used a short extract from Number 5 - if you've never heard the whole thing, it's definitely worth looking up. There are many recordings of it but Sayao's interpretation is my absolute favourite. 

This is the VIMEO permalink in case you don't see the video here. 



Dominic Rivron said...

I really liked this - very much in the spirit of 7ism as I see it: a straightforward, achievable goal.
Reminiscent of Robert Breer I thought(I saw an exhibition of his work at Baltic not so long ago) who, as I understood it, set out to make the world of abstract painting into something that moved, via animation.

ylek said...

hi natalie! vos siempre estàs proponiendo cosas interesantes!

besos y abrazos navideños desde el sur del sur :-)